Basic Training

Continue to engage your students with “Basic Training” a new program made up of 5 short additional clips from Beneath the Helmet.

Designed to help students explore a wide variety of topics, such as: fulfilling their potential, loyalty, responsibility, and the idea that the Jewish people are one family.


Program Outline

  • An all-inclusive online curriculum
  • 5 clips, running time of each clip: 3-5 minutes
  • Post clip teen tested discussion guide: 25-35 minutes
  • Total length of program: 30-40 minutes (per clip)

For ease of access, this course is available exclusively online.
All materials will be published online for viewing and download.

War Week
Towards the end of basic training, Israeli soldiers must undergo an intense week of war simulation. This clip shows the difficult conditions and the psychological pressures that soldiers and commanders experience during this time.
The Rough Day
Eden, the unit commander, catches his soldiers acting carelessly with their equipment during basic training. He needs to ensure that they don’t repeat this mistake.
Lone Soldier
Oren dreams of serving as a combat soldier. Halfway through his training, his dream is in jeopardy and he looks to his friend, Mekonen, for support.
Commander Coral
As a commander of lone soldiers, Coral is responsible for much more than their basic military training. She also plays a nurturing role by helping them to adjust to Israeli society both mentally and physically.
The Candid Conversation
A month into basic training, every soldier is asked to take an oath of loyalty to Israel and the Jewish People. In this clip, commanders take a break from their field exercises to prepare their recruits for this momentous event.

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